What is integrative medicine?

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Most people think of anti-aging doctors as simply doctors who prescribe hormones. The hormones are the easy part. kim crawford Someone like Dr. Crawford is a rare find because she looks for the root cause of each and every symptom bothering her patients. Most visits require 90 minutes to two hours of time to sort everything out to Dr. Crawford's satisfaction.

Integrative medicine is not totally different from conventional medicine. Dr. Crawford uses her Internist diagnostic skills and then has routine plus special labs drawn on patients. These special labs include biomarkers which portend the occurrence of diseases. Of course all hormones are measured as well.

However, instead of using drugs, she use no-side-effects precursors to pharmaceuticals, called integratives, to both treat issues and prevent the genetic expression of genes which cause diseases. (You actually can start to decrease expression of diseases with the right anti-inflammatory foods that give you energy right now!)

bioidentical hormones florida from Dr. Kim works for her anti aging clinics melbourne is where they travel to see Dr. Kim

Common disorders Dr. Crawford treats:

Adrenal fatigue

Mild depression

Insomnia including needing help falling asleep and staying asleep

Leaky gut

Mild diabetes

Oxidative stress and inflammation

Mild cognitive impairment = early impairment of brain health

Common disorders Dr. Crawford helps prevent:

Cardiovascular disease



Auto-immune diseases


All of the sequelae of not treating deficiencies of hormones which are many

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