Human growth hormone benefits:

regulates hormonesBefore I wax poetic about human growth hormone I want to tell you that I only prescribe under FDA guildelines. That means that you must have an FDA approved diagnosis for human growth hormone use.




l carnitine benefits bodybuilding tooMany people actually have such a diagnosis and are unaware that they do.  I need to state that I am not allowed to prescribe human growth hormone for athletes, including competing bodybuilders. (Due to negative publicity in baseball more than other sports, HGH is considered “evil” by some.

takes testosterone


NOT SO as you will see.) Now with all of that “out of the way” if you are lucky enough to qualify for human growth hormone treatment here are some of the benefits which are actually just “great side effects”  for those taking it.



Let me add that another “down side” is the cost, but again, if you qualify, you will see consistently amazing results.

One quick story before I start about skin and human growth hormone:

rarely does testosterone therapy thereI have a patient who had been all around the country-to Harvard, to “the Mayo” and more. His problem was that, as a world renowned Physician, he was becoming unable to practice. Why? Because his skin was so think and “friable” that he had bruises and blotches all over. needs serious skin care

But worse, he just plain couldn’t “touch anything” including patients without bleeding! He had blood  counts, bleeding times, special coagulation studies done.


His skin was biopsied and the conclusion was that he had a very low content of the skin’s building blocks, collagen and elastin.



  • He was told to try non-invasive ultrasosound therapy to increase his collagen and elastin content and was given some serious skin care recommendations.
  • And that was it. NO ONE thought to themselves that this man had rock bottom low human growth hormone levels.
  • When he and I spoke on the phone, he was getting pretty desperate.
  • He is a nice looking mid-60’s man who is single and it interfered so much with his personal life that he stopped dating.
  • I thought “human growth hormone” IMMEDIATELY!



best place to go for perfect GI functionCan you believe that large, well-known medical clinics are NOT ROUTINELY measuring hormones? (Let alone prescribe bioidentical hormones…).  So while we’re talking about skin let’s just cover that next, shall we?

Human growth hormone rejuvenates your skin:

look younger
Pretty good for 64!

Human growth hormone is the only anti-aging hormone known to actually make people look younger. The skin of older people tends to become papery thin and lose its firm texture.


However, in a pioneering six-month study of Human growth hormone replacement in elderly men, skin thickness actually increased 7.1 percent.


And in a self-evaluation of 202 people who took human growth hormone for six months, more than 66 percent reported improvement in skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elas­ticity.

And 61 percent observed fewer wrinkles and 38 percent even reported new hair growth.



Patients usually started noticing changes within a few weeks of treatment. Fine lines started to vanish, deeper wrinkles receded, and facial fat decreased so that puffs of fat under the eyes diminished, while the facial mus­cles that lift and hold the skin became stronger.

skin benes of human growth hormoneoHuman growth hormone increased the synthesis of new proteins that lie underneath skin structure… in the dermal layer .


Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of the dermis, which is the next layer of skin beneath the epidermis.


Human growth hormone restored the turgor, or bounciness, that is characteristic of young skin, so the skin bounced back more readily on a pinch test, became better toned, and sagged less.



Results in “real life” mirror the studies with patients finding that cleaning up their diet as I tell them to do, supplementing correctly (ditto that), and exercising, along with using the best skin care products like our  anteageserums will indeed all combine to make them de-age nicely.


Human growth hormone truly resculpts your body:

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) does something no regular weight-loss regimen is able to do.
  • It can help you more quickly recontour your body.
  • Fat goes and is replaced by lean muscle mass.
  • Now you need to do YOUR part which is the right diet plan I’ll give you and the right workout plan which I’ll tailor for you.
  • But add in HGH and the results are astonishing, to say the least.
  • In many cases, people look like they’ve shed years, along with the body fat because the skin tightens as the weight goes.
  • Even better, the greatest loss occurs in the deep belly fat, the area that is not only the bane of aging men and women but is also a marker of increased risk of heart attack.
  • In every study of human growth hormone (HGH) in pituitary-deficient adults, as well as aging “normal” people, HGH replacement, reduced body fat and increased lean body mass.


uses vero kimIn a six-month placebo-controlled study of twenty-four adults with human growth hormone (HGH) deficiency at Thomas Hospital in London, the hormone-treated group had no net change in weight.


BUT they had lost an average of 12.5 pounds of fat and gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass. (It’s the body mass change you want, not the needle on the scale to show that you’re the “biggest loser”).


This study on elderly men between ages sixty and eighty-one found that after six months of treatment, the treated group gained an average of 8.8 percent in lean body mass and lost an average of 14.4 percent in fat mass.

The lean body mass included an increase in the bone density of the lumbar spine by 1.6 percent as yet another added bonus. (Better bone density and thus protection from osteoporosis.)

  • In a follow-up study, the same trends held after twelve months of treat­ment, with lean body mass increasing by 6 percent, fat decreasing by 15 percent, and skin thickness up by 4 percent.
  • All this was happenned while the untreated con­trol group was losing an average of 2.5 to 4.5 percent in their lean body mass per year!


eating foods that speed up metabolismHuman growth hormone (HGH) may be one of the most effective fat-loss regimens ever discovered.


In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of over­weight women, HGH therapy caused an average loss of more than 4.6 pounds of body fat, most of this in the abdomen.


Most diets cause loss of muscle along with the fat, but in this study, the women’s lean body mass increased by 6.6 pounds.


  • In two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, HGH, in combination with dieting, accelerated weight loss.
  • All of the people participating in the study exceeded their ideal body weight by 35 to 60 percent.
  • In the studies, lasting either six or eleven weeks, HGH combined with diet caused a 25 percent accel­eration in the rate of fat loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone.
  • In the eleven-week period, the HGH-treated subjects lost thirty to thirty-two pounds, compared with twenty to twenty-five pounds in the control subjects.
  • Moreover, while the control subjects lost muscle along with fat, the treated group retained their body’s muscle and skin tightness.


Human growth hormone helps to controls obesity:

anti aging doctors florida help with the fat and muscle issueObesity is also a strong inhibitor of human growth hormone (HGH) secretion. Being overweight or obese in America is on the rise, as we all know.


It is now a leading risk factor for internal inflammation, oxidative stress and diseases like adult-onset diabetes (type II), heart dis­ease, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer.For those unable to lose weight and keep it off (estimated at 90%) human growth hormone is lifesaving.



  • It is well known in human physiology that muscle and fat tissue metabolism are directly influenced by the interplay between HGH, amino acids, exercise, insulin, stress hormones-mainly cortisol,proteins, and fats.
  • Little, if any, fat burning can take place in the presence of high insulin levels, such as those found commonly after eating a meal high in saturated fats or carbohydrates.
  • During fasting, insulin levels are at their lowest.
  • Insulin inhits the action of human growth hormone so it is very important to fast for a minimum of two hours before taking HGH or to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Human growth hormone and metabolic issues due to obesity:

hgh miami to the rescueA group of healthy older men who were administered human growth hormone (HGH) injec­tions for nine months lost an average of 9.2 percent total body fat, 6.1 percent of abdominal fat, and an amazing 18.1 percent of the deep layer of central body fat.


These results were accomplished without dieting or exercise. (But in “real life” you don’t get “real results” because of dosing limitations without diet changes and exercise.)

This  was a randomized double-blind study involving thirty men between ages forty-eight and sixty-six. Not only did the treated group lose a significant portion of their belly fat (the placebo group actually put on fat during that period), they had improved glucose metabolism, lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, and lower blood pressure.

  • How was HGH able to do all these things?
  • The researchers suggest that the low HGH secretion in obese people who carry their weight mostly in the belly is a sign that the neuroendocrine system is off kilter, particularly when it comes to regulating HGH and IGF-1.
  • IGF1 is the protein your liver turns HGH into which we measure.
  • When you fix this defect by pro­viding the body with HGH, the other benefits follow, such as lower total cholesterol and triglycerides, decreased LDL cholesterol (the “bad” kind), slightly increased HDL cholesterol (the “good” kind), and lowered blood pressure.
  • In addition to all these benefits, think about the fact that human growth hormone improved glucose metabolism.
  • Type II diabetes is now reaching epidemic proportions in the United States.
  • The chances of con­tracting this disease are directly related to obesity.
  • The more overweight you are, the greater your risk for developing this form of diabetes with all of it’s complications which are many.


Human growth hormone and Alzheimer’s:

helps brain healthThere is a correlation in the literature between IGF-1 levels and Alzheimer’s disease.


Recall that IGF-1 is what we measure to see what your HGH level is. In many studies there is a correlation between a low IGF-1 level and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.



Conversely there is evidence that human growth hormone,when combined with other brain health  supplements, might be a treatment method for early Alzheimer’s.


Human growth hormone and arthritis:

16. arthritisThere are studies which show that both sytemic and intra-articular (knees studied mostly) injectiong of human growth hormone stimulate cartilage production and hence help relieve arthritis pain. done at anti aging clinics melbourne






Final Note:

  • Despite the naysayers who claim that human growth hormone can cause cancer, there is no evidence that is does so, when administed in physiological, healthy doses.
  • We DO know that if you HAVE cancer, just as it stimulates other “good cells” it can stimulate “bad cells.”
  • For this reason, all candidates for  human growth hormone undergo careful examinations, lab testing and need to be up to date on all cancer screenings.
  • But once you are my patient and I get “everything that can cause cancer” under control we just plain needn’t worry.
  • I’ve been prescribing this safely for many years, with never an issue.


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