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Are You Suffering From…

  • Inflammatory bowel disease?
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?
  • Psoriatic arthritis?
  • Other autoimmune disease?

If you are tired of toxic drugs and disease flares, welcome to Dr. Crawford’s state-of-the-art autoimmune disease protocols tailored to your symptoms and specific autoimmune disease.

Feel Great Again!

Many patients with Crohn’s disease symptoms, arthritis pain, or exhaustion from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have multiple bothersome symptoms which are not fully addressed by the use of pharmaceuticals. See what a real, full remission feels like with Functional Medicine.

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Benefits of Autoimmune Disease Functional Treatment

Whether you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or the most common autoimmune disease: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Dr. Crawford will get you to a symptom-free, healthy life.

Control of autoimmune disease symptoms

Increased energy

Control of pain and inflammation

Rare or (more typically) no disease flare-ups

Improved cognitive (brain) function

No more toxic, cancer-causing drugs

Vastly improved immune function

Easier weight control

Improved, more refreshing sleep

Improved gastrointestinal health and function

Tired of Autoimmune Disease Flare-ups and Toxic Drugs?

Kim Crawford, M.D. is a nationally recognized expert who can change not just your health, but your life.

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What Patients Are Saying...

Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D.

Family Physician (Retired)

I started working with Dr. Kim in late April. After a year and a half of languishing with pain and profound fatigue and TERRIBLE side effects from treatment, including Melanoma!, she discovered that I not only had RA but also active autoimmune thyroid disease (which I thought was “under control” but wasn’t) and significant adrenal dysfunction.

In one short month of following her treatment plan, my RA is under very good control with no immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals! Just following her diet and natural therapies! I feel the best I have felt in forever! Not only is my pain under excellent control, my energy level has soared, I’m losing weight, and sleeping the best I have in years. I highly recommend her treatments!

Cindy Gale, R.N. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Cindy Gale, R.N.

R.N., C-PMD and Office Manager

I had seen other doctors before (thank goodness!) finding Dr. Kim; all who had professed great knowledge in hormone replacement. As a medical professional, I understood the meaning of “high leptin”, that Dr. Crawford showed me was a result of being over-treated (too much!) with estrogen, and having a high cortisol unaddressed by previous hormone specialists. I had started putting on weight after menopause and it was made much worse by other doctors, before Dr. Kim came to my rescue. In addition, she is an expert on treating autoimmune disorders and I finally was able to be weaned from my biologic, potentially cancer-causing medication. I highly recommend her expertise and care to everyone.

Diane Dadiskos testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Diane Dadiskos

Retired RE Developer, LMT

My husband of 37 years died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack in January of 2020 while playing golf. Shortly thereafter I developed uncontrollable bright red bloody diarrhea. Long story short I went to three different Gastroenterologists, two in Florida and one in Conn. I had 3 colonoscopies, and was diagnosed by all three with Ulcerative Colitis. I was given Mesalamine, Apriso, Zeposia, and Prednisone. The drugs were very expensive and only made me sicker. I slept most of the day. I was terrified to leave the house and when I did I wore diapers. I lost weight, became severely anemic and had horrible heartburn. I definitely was not getting better and when I tried to discuss my condition, the doctors, told me “it was all in my head”. These were the drugs used to treat UC and other didn’t have problems.” I was in such pain and despair that I really didn’t care about living.

I searched the web looking for answers and found Dr. Crawford. As this was the time that Covid was in full swing, I never met her but had a TeleMed consult. I knew I had to try something else, intuitively I believed there must be a better way. After consultation, extensive medical history and labs, Dr. Kim put me on an Auto Immune Protocol Diet and also some compounded supplements and peptides. Within 2 months I was substantially better and now 6 months later I am completely well. I am so happy and thankful to be living a full and active life. My digestive system is working as nature intended. I applaud Dr. Kim for having the courage, caring and knowledge to stand outside of the medical mainstream. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Dr. Kim literally saved both my adult son and my daughter, each of whom had different problems that had been “treated” by the medical establishment for many years. She found my son’s pituitary adenoma and since treatment has begun he is a different person. She was the first one to effectively control my daughter’s Hashimoto type hypothyroidism. Both of them are happy, confident and healthy now and we owe it all to Dr. Kim Crawford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers, learn more about autoimmune disease therapy below.
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Bioidentical proteins called peptides (such as KPV) are a mainstay of functional treatment of autoimmune disease, whether that be M.S., Systemic Lupus or Inflammatory bowel disease. Low dose naltrexone (up to 4.5 mg only) has also been shown to be quite useful and completely non-toxic.

All of Dr. Crawford’s patients enjoy better health due to different anti-inflammatory dietary modifications. You will be given an outline of Dr. Crawford’s autoimmune eating plan, and asked about food preferences so that she can send you food links, meal prep links, and recipes. After you are symptom-free she will work with you to expand your allowed foods. If it makes you feel better, Dr. Crawford has been eating her AIP diet for years-ever since she diagnosed herself with Crohn’s disease and doesn’t miss a thing.

The treatment you need is (unfortunately) not paid for by insurance. The cost of what you will need monthly varies according to illness. It is far below that of, let’s say, “biologics”, but it is paid out-of-pocket. What you are getting, however, is control over your symptoms and freedom from the actual and potentially horrendous side effects of your current treatment. Not to mention the concierge, direct access care you receive from Dr. Crawford.

Want to get well and stay healthy for life?

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