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Tired of waiting rooms? Paper gowns? Rushed doctor visits where you don't get all of your questions answered? Pills, not solutions? No end of visit summaries, leaving you with questions on the way home? Call backs from well-meaning but not-too-helpful office staff? Inability to talk to your doctor whenever you want? Lack of control over your own health? That can all end-right now.

As you have likely observed, insurance-based doctors are seeing 25-35 patients per day. This is exactly the type of care that insurance companies want you to have and will pay for. They will not generally pay for the type of care that you get with Dr. Crawford. However there are exceptions.

Dr. Crawford allows you unlimited visits, phone calls, email to her personal email and texts to her personal cell phone. There is little to no wait time. All visits last for as long as you need. You will never be screened by other office staff, just as you weren't screened on your first, free phone call, even before you were a patient. Because she limits the size of her practice, Dr. Crawford will always know you personally and intimately, without having to have your chart right in front of her.

Unlike attorneys who ask for large retainers and then charge by the quarter hour for everything from emails to phone calls, thus restricting your access for fear of running up the meter, Functional Medicine doctors generally charge a flat, annual fee for all of their time. This fee is separate from lab work, other tests and medications of course. Remember, this is not simply a medical fee, it’s an investment in your future.

Dr. Crawford’s annual fees are built in three tiers, depending on the complexity of your medical condition(s). Even her very top tier (reserved for patients with multiple autoimmune diseases and/or cancer or CIRS plus other complex illnesses) is far less than the national average of 10-12K per year for full access-unlimited time-Functional Internal Medicine.

Cigna, United and a few other comprehensive corporate plans will occasionally (but not usually) reimburse part of the annual medical services fee. Dr. Crawford will work diligently with you to supply a fully coded superbill to you which is designed for maximal reimbursement. Medicare and most BC/BS plans will not reimburse you for her services.

Dr. Crawford utilizes (only) Labcorp, which she feels provides her with the most reliable and comprehensive results. Most insurance companies (excluding Medicare) will indeed pay for your lab work, but to be sure, give them a call and confirm.

If you have a large deductible or a plan that will not pay for Labcorp products, Dr. Crawford can order discounted cash labs which cost (depending on your medical issues) approximately 1K.

The insurance plans mentioned above will sometimes reimburse patients for bioidentical hormones. However these treatments tend to be the least expensive medications required. Depending on what is being treated, monthly out-of-pocket costs range from $950 to $4000 and are highest during the initial 6 months of getting better. Dr. Crawford keeps her annual fee low so that her patients can afford exactly what they require to get well and then stay healthy for life. Every single one of her patients emphatically say that their improved quality of life and control over their own health and life is well worth the expense.

You can absolutely use your Health Savings Account to pay for cash labs and all medications. If you don’t have a tax deductible HSA, check with your bank to see how easy it is to establish one.

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