Testimonials from Dr. Crawford's Patients

Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D.

Family Physician (Retired)

I started working with Dr. Kim in late April. After a year and a half of languishing with pain and profound fatigue and TERRIBLE side effects from treatment, including Melanoma!, she discovered that I not only had RA but also active autoimmune thyroid disease (which I thought was "under control" but wasn't) and significant adrenal dysfunction.

In one short month of following her treatment plan, my RA is under very good control with no immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals! Just following her diet and natural therapies! I feel the best I have felt in forever! Not only is my pain under excellent control, my energy level has soared, I'm losing weight, and sleeping the best I have in years. I highly recommend her treatments!

Dr. Kim Crawford was one of the first doctors in America to see the value of health reporting on television news. As the evening anchor for WTVX, Ft.Pierce and morning anchor for WPTV, West Palm Beach, I worked alongside Dr. Kim for years. I realized early on that she was a pioneer in getting preventive medical advice to the masses. She still is.

Unfortunately, I called her after I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2019. But, it’s a good thing I did. Her advice got me through radiation treatment with as few side effects as possible due to her alternative cancer treatment regimen. It was inevitable that after radiation, I was completely wiped out. Dr. Kim acted quickly ordering crucial blood tests and stepping in to fix health issues that other doctors simply ignored or missed.

Her encouragement to eat an auto immune diet along with exercise and a specific supplement protocol, got me through radiation recovery. This brilliant and caring doctor has transformed me into a happier , healthier person who is looking forward to many more years on this planet.

As a busy Facial Plastic Surgeon, I find that I need to be in super health and have lots of energy in order to to take great care of my patients. Dr. Kim closely monitors my health and laboratory values to maintain my peak performance under 100% control with integratives and BHRT. No prescription medications are needed whatsoever to maintain my health.

She is readily available at a moment’s notice and that's one of the many benefits of committing to a Concierge Physician. No waiting for answers to my questions 24/7. She keeps up with the latest medical developments for optimal health, and will ask me to "tweak" my diet, integratives and exercise plan, when needed. I feel like I'm still 30; no kidding.

Dr. Kim has been the answer to years of life draining symptoms that I was beginning to believe were chronic. Doctor after doctor told me that I was depressed, just aging, unmotivated, or that I was expecting too much - "all women feel this way as they get older". I am thrilled to find out they were wrong! Dr. Kim has me feeling energized, lighter, sexier and best of all, hopeful!

She took the time to listen to every symptom, feeling and concern that I had, treating and educating me on each one. Her passion and profound knowledge of functional medicine are infectious, plus her compassion and warm, friendly manner made me feel 'heard' and fully supported. Dr. Kim brought back my vitality and zest for living!

Millie Brinkley, Writer/Blogger

Millie Brinkley

Dr. Kim treats you like family. I feel great, am healthy and when I first came to her she solved a medical mystery which no doctor could diagnose, let alone treat. She is utterly brilliant and she sure keeps me healthy and feeling great.

Marc Shapiro, M.D.

World-Renowned Neuroradiologist

Dr. Kim is a detailed and marvelous physician who is not just great at what she does, she is truly one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. I rest easy at night, knowing she takes great care of me. I am still feeling as if I'm 30!

Frank Jacobs, CEO

The Jacobs Company

As a busy over-65 attorney who still jets around the world regularly, I need lots of energy and great sleep. I felt as if I would need to slow down at my age but thanks to my dear Dr. Kim, I'm healthy, am told I look great and feel like a million bucks.

William Richey, Esq
International Attorney

Kathleen Rich-New

Clarity Works Consulting

Dr. Kim seems to be able to fix just about anything. She is great with the issues that we women all eventually face regarding hormones, energy, sleep, and menopausal weight gain. If you "go through life" without a doctor like her, you just live, rather than thrive. Worst of all, you might develop a disease she could have prevented. I'm thrilled with my care over the years and let's just say "so far, so good!"

I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Crawford's (better known as Dr. Kim!) for a number of years. She is a very knowledgeable Internal Medicine M.D. and is "cutting edge" in preventative and functional medicine for helping patients live long and healthy lives. The information and advice that I think everyone would benefit from include important topics such as optimal sleep, energy, and slowed Aging. I find her discussions and recommendations quite useful.

I have a medical issue (EMF sensitivity) that baffled a number of other doctors, but Dr. Kim quickly got to the root cause of my symptoms and voila-just as she always does, she got me "all better." Dr. Kim is a wonderful person and truly cares about her patients and members. I highly recommend Dr. Kim.

Jonathan Goldberg, C.P.A.

Goldberg and Davis, CPA's

Dr. Kim is a preeminent figure in the field of antiaging. Board certified in Internal Medicine as well as by A4M. she has truly redefined current antiaging, regenerative and functional medicine. I have benefited immensely by being Dr. Kim's patient and long-time friend from our days at U of Penn.

From energy, to detox, to pain, to skin care, Dr. Kim has the latest answers. Her weight loss program is second to none. I have given up ridiculous diet programs and have followed her and, YES, I have lost weight. She's a pro and CARES about her patients. Dr. Kim is a rare find.

Dr. Kim literally saved both my adult son and my daughter, each of whom had different problems that had been "treated" by the medical establishment for many years. She found my son's pituitary adenoma and since treatment has begun he is a different person. She was the first one to effectively control my daughter's Hashimoto type hypothyroidism. Both of them are happy, confident and healthy now and we owe it all to Dr. Kim Crawford.

Mary Ann Glueckert


Dr. Kim Crawford is an enlightened functional medical doctor that has given me my life back! After moving, my #CIRS reared it’s ugly head once more and Dr. Kim rescued me with her gentle protocol that is in process of curing me of symptoms that I have had for two decades or more. Dr. Kim not only healed me she healed my house with contacts to handle these environmental issues and solutions while always looking to improve her protocol for her patients. I’m so blessed to have found her!