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Testimonials from Dr. Crawford's Patients

My young adult daughter was diagnosed with toxic mold poisoning last year. Her doctor at the time advised that we find a specialist – NO EASY TASK!

There is so much false information out there and the general medical community has a long way to go in understanding and treating the pervasive effects of mold and mycotoxins.

Enter Dr. Kim and her husband Gilles. To say they are a blessing is a gross understatement. The professionalism, focus, attention, caring and kindness we have received from Dr Kim and Gilles has been incredible. From our initial lengthy initial consultations, to comprehensive lab work, to detailed and monitored plans for supplementation, medications and dietary guidelines, to the in-depth analysis of our living environments and hours of coaching and guidance in the process of remediating and treating our home…we could NOT imagine a better team to work with us.

Treating mold illness is a multi-faceted, complex and frankly daunting journey. It takes time, patience and the wisdom of true professionals to guide you through the process. Dr. Kim and Gilles have been there for us every step of the way.

Dr. Kim is a compassionate and dedicated medical professional (many functional medicine physicians are not actually licensed MDs) with vast knowledge and experience in identifying and treating mold-borne illness. She takes a holistic approach to treating each person. She truly cares about each patient she works with and takes the time to continually research and network to find and vet the best possible treatment modalities. Mold effects all of your body systems and she is a master of seeing the “whole picture” of each patient.

Gilles is a brilliant engineer who has also dedicated his time to the science and research of the environmental mechanics of dealing with mold/mycotoxins. Along with Dr. Kim, they have developed well-researched processes to rid your living environment of contaminants and the methods to maintain a safe home. They have detailed, easy-to-follow methodologies including relationships with other safety professionals to guide you to the best products on the market.

Over this year we have had countless, often lengthy discussions with both Dr Kim and Gilles as we navigate through this process. They are always available, responsive and empathetic to the difficulties of this journey.

I can honestly say that I don’t know how we would have managed without both of them. My daughter is WELL on her way back to health and we are eternally grateful for Dr. Kim and Gilles and know that they will continue to guide us with their loving compassion and wisdom!

After moving to Florida full time I needed to find a doctor who could fit my very specific healthcare needs. As a chronic Lyme disease patient, I was treated in my home state for several years by a Lyme specialist. My last treatment involved a long stint of strong antibiotics, which was very harsh on my system, along with an under-treated thyroid condition. I called Dr. Kim and, although I was not yet her patient, she spent over an hour on the phone with me. Based on Dr. Kim’s compassion, interest and deep knowledge about the many issues I was dealing with, I knew Dr. Kim was the physician for me.

It is a different world for me now, having Dr. Kim as my personal medical savior. I don’t use that word lightly. One of my many symptoms was increasing hair loss, and while my other doctor was dismissive about it, Dr. Kim understood this was something I found extremely disturbing. She has helped me so much—she listens and cares and comes up with solutions after exhaustive research.

I am also dealing with a mold issue in a temporary rental house—she is the only doctor who has ever mentioned mold as a health hazard. Dr. Kim has lots of experience treating mold and her expertise in this area is invaluable.

Dr. Kim also uses compounding pharmacies, and her knowledge about medications and supplements is extensive. I feel better overall, the symptoms I’ve lived with for years are starting to go away, and I feel so fortunate to be in Dr. Kim’s capable hands. She checks in with me often to see how I’m doing and I’m still trying to get used to all the personal attention!

Focusing on diet has also been a huge benefit. Dr. Kim knows that diet is an important of treatment and based on my lab work, she was able to steer me in the right direction for my diet.

I am blessed to have someone as talented, compassionate and dedicated 24/7 for my healthcare needs as Dr. Kim. I recommend her unequivocally to anyone who is looking for a caring physician who is passionate about cutting edge science, integrated patient care, and 24/7 access. Thank you, Dr. Kim, for being my medical angel.

Bronson Carpenter testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Bronson Carpenter

Real Estate Developer

Your health is the most precious commodity on earth. With good health, anything becomes possible – without it, getting out of bed can seem an insurmountable challenge. My recommendation is to get in touch with Dr. Kim Crawford today; the biggest regret of my mid-twenties is not doing so sooner.

At the youthful age of 24, I found myself with a myriad of complex health issues. I wasted multiple thousands of dollars and hours seeking help from medical “specialists”, only to see my health and energy levels drop to all-time lows. I felt as if I had exhausted every option imaginable, and was desperate to find someone that could restore my health. This is in part what makes Dr. Kim so unique and special as a doctor – she’s experienced these same feelings, has been in your position, and her personal medical road to recovery has led to precise and cutting-edge methods of treating illnesses that no other doctor can.

Now at age 28, I have been with Dr. Kim for a mere 6 months and am already seeing truly amazing results. Her intelligence shines through in every conversation, and I’ve never encountered a doctor as attentive, kind, and personally invested in my journey back to optimal health. I finally feel confident that anytime I experience negative health symptoms the solution is waiting just around the corner for me – all I have to do is dial-up Dr. Kim.

Jennifer Harris, Esq. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Jennifer Harris, Esq.

Attorney/Real Estate Management

Words cannot adequately express how much I love being Dr. Kim’s patient and how talented I think she is. What follows are a few examples of what for us has been an incredible journey towards the best health of our lives.

As someone who does not believe in idiopathic causes of disease, I had to look far and wide to find a doctor who both shared that belief and had the knowledge to back it up. After searching for several years and working with a few people who claimed to be functional medicine practitioners, but were not, I found Dr. Kim. The blog post I landed on was thorough and gave a perspective on healing that I had not seen elsewhere. I had developed an autoimmune condition after being improperly treated by another doctor, who told me there was nothing I could do about it and still did not think to change the prescription that greatly exacerbated the condition.

Dr. Kim knew exactly what to do and within 4 months the condition was in remission. I was so impressed that my husband also became a patient. Within two months of his becoming a patient, he had a significant health scare. Dr. Kim really shined and came through in every way possible. She immediately did the research to understand the potential issues and gave us information that helped us put everything in perspective. She was emotionally present and supported us until we were able to get more information from test results. And, perhaps most importantly, had the possibility turned into an actuality, Dr. Kim had a plan and the knowledge and experience to help us solve it.

In the past, when faced with issues, I had to rely on my own diligence and research skills to develop a treatment. Now that we have Dr. Kim in our corner, I can sleep at night knowing I have a partner in my quest for excellent health. You do not have to suffer with less than optimal function due to aging. There are solutions and Dr. Kim has an incredible wealth of knowledge, the mental acuity to solve what other doctors claim is untreatable, and a seemingly bottomless bag of magic tricks that will bring you back to your best, in every way. And to top it off, she is the kindest, most caring person and is a model for what medical care should look like.

A year ago, when we came to Dr Kim, my son had tried every drug out there (including all the biologics) prescribed by his very well-educated GI specialist at one of the nation’s a top medical institutions. Nothing was working. My son was on the verge of having his entire colon removed because they said we had no other option. At 24 yrs old, he had no life to look forward to. He couldn’t leave the house. And UC is not just a physical disease; it also destroys your emotional state. It was an awful time for us!!!

We had met with the surgeons and were looking at dates to schedule his procedure when, in a passing conversation, someone suggested I consider a Functional Medicine doctor. That is when we discovered Dr. Kim. After several conversations with Dr. Kim and her having an opportunity to look at my son’s medical records, she told us that she thought she could help. It was REALLY hard to believe her after everything we had been through and the fact that our current medical team said surgery was our only option. Someone was finally telling us good news and we struggled to trust her, to believe her! Hope was difficult to find, at this point in time.

Trusting Dr. Kim was the best decision my son and I ever made!!! We’ve been with her a little over a year, now. My son is off all the horrible medications his specialists put him on and only takes the peptides Dr. Kim has prescribed. He is doing great, gaining back his weight slowly and is able to live a normal life. He has a full-time job, is about to continue his education and has a social life ALL because of Dr. Kim. Let me repeat that: ALL because of Dr. Kim!!!! If she tells you she can help you, BELIEVE her! She will work with you to find solutions. Dr. Kim spent months figuring out what was working for my son and what wasn’t. When something went wrong, she jumped right on it and found new options that eventually turned into solutions. Our bodies are very complex and having a doctor that actually is interested in solving what is going wrong vs just giving you a pill to mask your symptoms is priceless!

Dr. Kim has given me faith in doctors, again. She truly cares about her patients. We need more like her in our world!!!

I was in my early 40s, regularly getting my annual wellness exams, keeping my weight under control, exercising and eating well. Nothing could stop me, until I unexpectedly wound up in the hospital for almost a month with a really serious case of an auto-immune disease. I was scared, confused, and exhausted. The biologic infusion regiment I was prescribed was intense – I was getting double the normal dose of the infusions and I was quickly developing antibodies to the medication. So my future looked as follows: high-dose biologic infusion, get marginally better, develop antibodies to the biologic drug, switch biologic drugs to a new drug… rinse, lather, and repeat. Meanwhile, I was becoming severely depleted in various vitamins and nutrients and experienced serious side effects as a result, though my immediate care team never bothered to test any of my levels to prevent this from happening. On top of that I was also diagnosed with a second auto-immune disease and sent to yet another specialist who told me that they would eventually put me on an oral medication that I would need to take for the rest of my life. So three separate doctors – none of whom talked to each other or connected the dots between all that was going on with me, countless labs, and a lot of toxic traditional medication later, I was done. I was convinced that there had to be a better way to manage these conditions than a lifetime injection of biologic drugs – and wouldn’t you know it, I was right!

I found Dr. Kim after countless nights of combing the internet for board-certified MDs who had a non-traditional approach to auto-immune diseases. Of course, all of my traditional doctors told me I was crazy to even think this way. Little did they know. From the moment I reached out to Dr. Kim for an initial consultation to today – I knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Kim has the patience of a saint – she is an incredibly good listener, a fierce advocate, an amazingly knowledgeable physician, and a caring human being. I’ve only been working with Dr. Kim for 6 months and in that time, I’ve been able to completely transition off the biologic medication as well as resolve a host of other issues – all by simply following her guidance. And let me be clear – the host of issues began to resolve about a month into our working together! So apparently good things don’t only come to those who wait. Things happened exactly as Dr. Kim said they would. I was definitely intimidated at first working with an out-of-state physician and I’m happy to say my worries were unfounded. Dr. Kim is always a phone call or an email away – I’ve NEVER had a physician be so accessible and responsive. She is a wealth of information and she spends time researching the latest and greatest to stay on top of her game. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Kim for her outstanding care and expert advice – she’s allowed me to regain normalcy in my life and get back to feeling healthy.

Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D.

Family Physician (Retired)

I started working with Dr. Kim in late April. After a year and a half of languishing with pain and profound fatigue and TERRIBLE side effects from treatment, including Melanoma!, she discovered that I not only had RA but also active autoimmune thyroid disease (which I thought was “under control” but wasn’t) and significant adrenal dysfunction.

In one short month of following her treatment plan, my RA is under very good control with no immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals! Just following her diet and natural therapies! I feel the best I have felt in forever! Not only is my pain under excellent control, my energy level has soared, I’m losing weight, and sleeping the best I have in years. I highly recommend her treatments!

As a busy Facial Plastic Surgeon, I find that I need to be in super health and have lots of energy in order to to take great care of my patients. Dr. Kim closely monitors my health and laboratory values to maintain my peak performance under 100% control with integratives and BHRT. No prescription medications are needed whatsoever to maintain my health.

She is readily available at a moment’s notice and that’s one of the many benefits of committing to a Concierge Physician. No waiting for answers to my questions 24/7. She keeps up with the latest medical developments for optimal health, and will ask me to “tweak” my diet, integratives and exercise plan, when needed. I feel like I’m still 30; no kidding.

Diane Dadiskos testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Diane Dadiskos

Retired RE Developer, LMT

My husband of 37 years died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack in January of 2020 while playing golf. Shortly thereafter I developed uncontrollable bright red bloody diarrhea. Long story short I went to three different Gastroenterologists, two in Florida and one in Conn. I had 3 colonoscopies, and was diagnosed by all three with Ulcerative Colitis. I was given Mesalamine, Apriso, Zeposia, and Prednisone. The drugs were very expensive and only made me sicker. I slept most of the day. I was terrified to leave the house and when I did I wore diapers. I lost weight, became severely anemic and had horrible heartburn. I definitely was not getting better and when I tried to discuss my condition, the doctors, told me “it was all in my head”. These were the drugs used to treat UC and other didn’t have problems.” I was in such pain and despair that I really didn’t care about living.

I searched the web looking for answers and found Dr. Crawford. As this was the time that Covid was in full swing, I never met her but had a TeleMed consult. I knew I had to try something else, intuitively I believed there must be a better way. After consultation, extensive medical history and labs, Dr. Kim put me on an Auto Immune Protocol Diet and also some compounded supplements and peptides. Within 2 months I was substantially better and now 6 months later I am completely well. I am so happy and thankful to be living a full and active life. My digestive system is working as nature intended. I applaud Dr. Kim for having the courage, caring and knowledge to stand outside of the medical mainstream. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Marc Shapiro, M.D. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Marc Shapiro, M.D.

World-Renowned Neuroradiologist

Dr. Kim treats you like family. I feel great, am healthy and when I first came to her she solved a medical mystery which no doctor could diagnose, let alone treat. She is utterly brilliant and she sure keeps me healthy and feeling great.

I was hit with an auto-immune disease right after turning 51. It’s was a humbling experience since I’d always been in good health. The guidance I received from a very well-known hospital was to go on biologics for the rest of my life. Having a sister with an auto-immune condition and seeing her experience struggling with a traditional approach was enough to make me seek another path. I found Dr. Kim and she has been a blessing for me. Since she has also had her issues with an auto-immune disease I trusted her right out of the gate. After my lab work, she got right down to business and told me what I should and should not be doing and put me on a regimen of peptides, supplements, and LDN. I’m feeling great! Flare-free and I feel a lot more at ease. I can’t thank Dr. Kim enough!

Kyle Hulbert, MA testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Kyle Hulbert, MA

Custom Home Builder

I have been working with Dr. Kim for a few months now. First, she helped me to isolate the root issue causing my symptoms. Then, she put me on a regime that simultaneously treats both the root issue and the current symptoms that I have been experiencing. I am now feeling much better. Also, Dr. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and on top of the recent developments in the medical field.

All of this said, the best part about Dr. Kim is her quick, kind responses and care no matter how big or small my question or needs might be. I would recommend that anybody experiencing a range of seemingly unconnected symptoms seek treatment under her guidance.

Daryth Stallone, Ph.D., M.P.H. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Daryth Stallone, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Epidemiology/Health Policy

Dr. Kim is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled diagnostician and physician. Her intellectual curiosity and dedication to finding and treating the root cause of each patient’s medical condition makes her practice unlike any other I have ever encountered. I came to Dr. Kim after several years of disturbing symptoms. While physically fit I suffered from fatigue, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and was finding it increasingly hard to recall and retain information. In addition, I was experiencing irregular heartbeats and blurry vision, despite “normal” eye exams. I went to several general physicians and specialists who did the standard physical exams and blood tests and was told there was nothing clinically wrong. I was going through a stressful period in my life, and thought “well, maybe it’s all just stress-related.”

I had almost resigned myself to my lot when in May, 2021 I learned about Dr. Kim’s practice through a friend. In our first conversation Dr. Kim spent well over an hour with me, going over my medical history, symptoms and lifestyle. She told me, based upon my symptoms and family history, that I likely suffered from CIRS caused by mold in my home. A comprehensive panel of medical, genetic and vision testing confirmed Dr. Kim’s preliminary diagnosis. The diagnosis and its cause were a shock, as I had never heard of CIRS and did not have any “visible” mold in our home . With Dr. Kim’s help we were able to hire competent mold detection and remediation companies that confirmed the existence of toxic mold in the house, identified its source and removed it from our home. Dr. Kim’s regimen of peptides, supplements, detox and dietary adjustment has cleared up my cognitive issues. No more fuzzy brain and I am much better at retaining and recalling information. What a relief!

Dr. Kim’s practice is made even more special by the contribution of her husband Gilles, who handles much of the behind-the-scenes work and help patients like me with “technical issues”. In my case that involved Gilles generously spending countless hours on the phone educating and counseling me on how to evaluate and select mold remediation specialists and home/office air filtration systems (he even engineered a retrofit to the system we chose to allow it to be more efficient), as well as a comprehensive how-to on home fogging to ensure removal of lingering mold toxins.

Dr. Kim is a one-of-a kind physician who is dedicated to optimizing the health of each patient she treats. I would recommend her to anyone with a complex medical problem as well as those who simply want to achieve optimal health and wellness at any age.

Dr. Kim Crawford was one of the first doctors in America to see the value of health reporting on television news. As the evening anchor for WTVX, Ft.Pierce and morning anchor for WPTV, West Palm Beach, I worked alongside Dr. Kim for years. I realized early on that she was a pioneer in getting preventive medical advice to the masses. She still is.

Unfortunately, I called her after I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2019. But, it’s a good thing I did. Her advice got me through radiation treatment with as few side effects as possible due to her alternative cancer treatment regimen. It was inevitable that after radiation, I was completely wiped out. Dr. Kim acted quickly ordering crucial blood tests and stepping in to fix health issues that other doctors simply ignored or missed.

Her encouragement to eat an auto immune diet along with exercise and a specific supplement protocol, got me through radiation recovery. This brilliant and caring doctor has transformed me into a happier , healthier person who is looking forward to many more years on this planet.

Millie Brinkley, Writer/Blogger testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Millie Brinkley, Writer/Blogger

Millie Brinkley

Dr. Kim has been the answer to years of life draining symptoms that I was beginning to believe were chronic. Doctor after doctor told me that I was depressed, just aging, unmotivated, or that I was expecting too much – “all women feel this way as they get older”. I am thrilled to find out they were wrong! After years of a high-stress job, it turns out that I had what is termed high functioning depression as well as high functioning anxiety. Not to mention all of the typical brain fog type symptoms that many of us get. Dr. Kim has me feeling happy, calm, energized, mentally focused, lighter, sexier and best of all, hopeful!

She took the time to listen to every symptom, feeling and concern that I had, treating and educating me on each one. Her passion and profound knowledge of functional medicine are infectious, plus her compassion and warm, friendly manner made me feel ‘heard’ and fully supported. Dr. Kim brought back my vitality and zest for living!

Dr. Kim is a preeminent figure in the field of antiaging. Board certified in Internal Medicine as well as by A4M. she has truly redefined current antiaging, regenerative and functional medicine. I have benefited immensely by being Dr. Kim’s patient and long-time friend from our days at U of Penn.

From energy to detox to pain to anti-aging skin care, Dr. Kim has the latest answers. Most of her patients don’t know initially what a “skin expert” she is, but I’m sure I look 15 years younger than my driver’s license says I am. Her weight loss program is second to none. I have given up ridiculous diet programs and have followed her and, YES, I have lost weight. She is a pro and CARES about her patients. Dr. Kim is a rare find.

William Richey, Esq testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

William Richey, Esq

International Attorney

As a busy over-65 attorney who still jets around the world regularly, I need lots of energy and great sleep. I felt as if I would need to slow down at my age but thanks to my dear Dr. Kim, I’m healthy, am told I look great and feel like a million bucks.

Eight months ago without any known symptoms and through a routine screening, I was told that my hormones were out of control and the immediate resolve by all my medical doctors was to tell me to get a total hysterectomy. Although I was 100% prepared to have this surgery, and even wanting such surgery to fix my hormonal issues, my fear of the recovery period, prompted me to seek other options. A close friend of mine, also a patient of Dr. Kim, told me to simply speak to her to discuss my options. Within minutes of talking with Dr. Kim, I was at ease, knowing that surgery was not my only option, and that someone would be holding my hand through this process of figuring things out.

Now, 8 months later, with help and support of Dr. Kim and her extensive knowledge of bio identicals, peptides, and alternatives to surgery, I am now almost back to typical hormone levels, and feel better than I ever have. Not only has Dr. Kim helped me physiologically with my hormones, preventing me from having to do a very invasive and challenging surgery, but through her support, I also realized that what I thought was normal prior to seeing her was probably a function of my not knowing any differently. Most importantly, Dr. Kim offered me a choice to do something different, an alternative path, a path that made these last 8 months very different than it would have been had I had the hysterectomy. This opportunity to try something different other than surgery was absolutely the right decision for me and for my body and I encourage everyone to look very closely at all of their options.

Mary Ann Glueckert testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Mary Ann Glueckert


Dr. Kim Crawford is an enlightened functional medical doctor that has given me my life back! After moving, my #CIRS reared it’s ugly head once more and Dr. Kim rescued me with her gentle protocol that is in process of curing me of symptoms that I have had for two decades or more. Dr. Kim not only healed me she healed my house with contacts to handle these environmental issues and solutions while always looking to improve her protocol for her patients. I’m so blessed to have found her!

Kathleen Rich-New testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Kathleen Rich-New

Clarity Works Consulting

Dr. Kim seems to be able to fix just about anything. She is great with the issues that we women all eventually face regarding hormones, energy, sleep, and menopausal weight gain. If you “go through life” without a doctor like her, you just live, rather than thrive. Worst of all, you might develop a disease she could have prevented. I’m thrilled with my care over the years and let’s just say “so far, so good!”

Dr. Kim literally saved both my adult son and my daughter, each of whom had different problems that had been “treated” by the medical establishment for many years. She found my son’s pituitary adenoma and since treatment has begun he is a different person. She was the first one to effectively control my daughter’s Hashimoto type hypothyroidism. Both of them are happy, confident and healthy now and we owe it all to Dr. Kim Crawford.

Ginny Glazer testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Ginny Glazer

Art Materials Manufacturer

Arriving in middle age I found myself feeling old, tired, soft and battling the bulge. My body and my life have been rejuvenated since I started working with Dr. Kim. It is absolutely amazing how much younger and more energetic I feel. Finding Dr. Kim has been a godsend. Thank you Dr. Kim!

Frank Jacobs, CEO testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Frank Jacobs, CEO

The Jacobs Company

Dr. Kim is a detailed and marvelous physician who is not just great at what she does, she is truly one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. I rest easy at night, knowing she takes great care of me. I am still feeling as if I’m 30!

Gilles Pesant testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Gilles Pesant

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Kim has been my exclusive doctor for over 15 years now. Before we met, I was used to the “regular doctors” treatment where they open up your file as they walk into the exam room. As an Engineer, I have always been dumbfounded by the fact that very few physicians seemed to look for the root cause of medical issues. Clearly, all they were trying to do was to figure out which drug to prescribe. And when I dared asking questions, they usually became defensive, as if I were showing distrust.

Being my wife, you might think that I can’t be unbiased and I’m just promoting “Dr. Kim” services. The truth is that I have been fortunate enough to see over the years how she interacts with her patients. I’ve seen her spending hours over the phone with them, and working relentlessly on extremely difficult cases until she has figured out the solution to their issues. I have yet to see a case too complicated for her.

She never gives up because she truly cares. For her, a patient is not just another “case,” it is personal. This is simply the way she is and this is the kind of care you can expect from her.

Like most everyone else, I’ve had my own puzzling medical issues, but Dr. Kim is the first doctor who was ever able to diagnose what was medically wrong with me. So obviously, for me, a rousing endorsement is a no-brainer.

If you are one of her CIRS patients (or have other issues involving your dwelling), I will always be happy to talk to you about “environmental issues” based on my professional experience. Several patients have described this as “added value.” I guess that’s true, and I will always be happy to help you too as one of Dr. Kim’s patients.

Karen Hamers testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Karen Hamers

Owner: Merit Apparel

 As a business owner (flight helmets no less!) and attentive mom and grandmom, I need to be healthy and energetic, as my schedule is non-stop. Juggling all of this for many years gave me what Dr. Kim calls high functioning anxiety, complete with the damaging high cortisol levels. I also noticed I was walking into rooms, not recalling why. I decided it was time to get some answers and some real help for my stress and short term memory issues.

I have now known and relied on Dr. Kim to first get me healthy-brain and body- and then keep me healthy for many years. When I need medical help, she’s the one I call. She even allows me to ask questions about my entire family. What other doctor does that? If you have tried other Functional doctors, remember they are NOT all the same. Dr. Kim is highly trained and really, truly keeps up with the latest developments in her field. Don’t think twice. Seriously. She is a rockstar.

I met Dr. Kim on an airplane, of all places. We exchanged cards, after having a lovely hours-long conversation and I contacted her a couple of years later when I felt that I really needed her. She certainly didn’t disappoint. Despite my high level position in the medical world, the “regular doctors” I routinely saw just plain didn’t have her expertise. As she always says “it’s not their fault – they just weren’t given the extra training I sought out.” We talked a lot initially about how to keep looking young as we age, or else I wouldn’t have thought to get all the anti-aging skin advice, peptides and so on with a doctor of her caliber.

Anyway, fast forward to COVID times, and she kept both me and my husband safe with her prophylactic regimen, until—months into it all—we were exposed with our guard down. This was before there were advanced therapies available; so you can imagine how nervous we were when we got sick. However, thanks to Dr. Kim, we both sailed through our respective illnesses. Life is a lot better with Dr. Kim in your court, that’s for sure!

Shawna Flanagan, M.D. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Shawna Flanagan, M.D.


I have known, loved and been grateful for Dr. Crawford for many years, and appreciate not only her depth of knowledge but that she constantly reads, attends meetings and is so very current on everything in her field. It makes my own practice that much easier when a patient that no one seems to be able to treat is someone who I can confidently refer to “Dr. Kim” and every single time; I see amazing results.

As someone who specializes in esthetics, I love that she has so many “inside to outside” health and beauty tricks to minimize external aging. Most definitely, all of us want to not just feel but also look our best. If you come looking for health you get a bonus of also looking younger, under her expert care.

Giselle Minoli testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Giselle Minoli

Writer, Videographer, Designer, Former Executive at Christie's

Dr. Crawford, I cannot end this challenging and stressful Covid year without telling you how thankful I am that I met you, which, if you remember, was in the most unlikely of places – social media – nine years ago! I remember being stunned, and I remain stunned, at how passionate you are about helping people maintain their health, and how willing you were to share detailed information and in-depth knowledge that is not easy for the lay person to access. Every time I read an article on your website I wonder why this isn’t common knowledge for all Americans. Now, after bringing you onboard personally I’m no longer under the thumb of Big Pharma, and have learned to listen to my body and hear what it is telling me it needs.

I share everything I learn from you with my husband, an orthopedic surgeon who readily admits he never learned in medical school what you know about health. After getting very sick in January with a cough and depressing exhaustion that would not go away, I called you in a panic when the Pandemic hit New York City, wondering how I was going to stay strong and get through this horrid year. Nine months later my husband and I continue to follow your protocols and we remain healthy. Long before Dr. Fauci came along, you were my Go-To Doctor about Covid. I am enormously grateful. Happy holidays. May we all have a healthier, less stressful, happier 2021. Giselle Minoli, NYC

I’m from Miami, and am the director of a holistic Chiropractic Clinic in San Francisco. Each time I return home to visit family, I see Dr. Kim who I also consider family by now, since I’ve been utilizing her expertise for now well over five years. My original diagnosis that she made (after I had seen countless specialists) OVER THE PHONE was complex, hard to treat, but she got me through it and to the other side. She is easily one of the best Functional doctors in the U.S. I cannot recommend her more highly.

I’ve got a busy Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy practice and in my spare time I am an author. I was thinking I needed more than a regular doctor for a long, long time. It took me years to “get here” so imagine my surprise when after 6 weeks I felt years younger, started peeling off the weight, and already looked younger! Three more specifics wanted? I’ll pick out stamina, and both my emotional and cognitive state. Dr. Kim has really helped my quality of life and I strongly recommend her wonderful self to you, too.

Jonathan Goldberg, C.P.A. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Jonathan Goldberg, C.P.A.

Goldberg and Davis, CPA's

I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Crawford’s (better known as Dr. Kim!) for a number of years. She is a very knowledgeable Internal Medicine M.D. and is “cutting edge” in preventative and functional medicine for helping patients live long and healthy lives. The information and advice that I think everyone would benefit from include important topics such as optimal sleep, energy, and slowed Aging. I find her discussions and recommendations quite useful.

I have a medical issue (EMF sensitivity due to mycotoxins) that baffled a number of other doctors, but Dr. Kim quickly got to the root cause of my symptoms and voila-just as she always does, she got me all better. Not to dwell upon it, but those of us with mycotoxin CIRS all have cognitive impairment, and having Dr. Kim being able to reverse my brain problems as quickly as she did was nothing short of miraculous. Dr. Kim is a wonderful person and truly cares about her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Kim.

Aaron Wells testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Aaron Wells

Talent Development

I found Dr. Kim in August after getting so frustrated with doctors who only wanted to prescribe drugs for symptoms and wouldn’t help me find the root cause. I had spent 15+ years in pain (I’m only 34) and was at the end of my rope. After my first call with Dr. Kim, I felt a glimmer of hope. For the first time, I had answers! She helped me get the tests I needed to confirm a CIRS diagnosis and I’ve been following her protocol since September. My pain levels have decreased dramatically, my energy levels are rebounding, and I finally have a doctor who listens. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Kim and her husband for helping me recover.

David Sturgeon testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

David Sturgeon

District Manager

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s for many years and can’t imagine life without her to be perfectly honest. Not only does she keep me healthy by monitoring all of my biomarkers, hormones and so on, but now I’m able to take advantage of her knowledge of peptides, as well as everything else.

Unlike most of her patients, I had heard that she was a tri-athlete and fitness center owner when I first contacted her, and figured she would know a little something about safe bodybuilding. I gave her this picture, saying “I look like this because of you” because it’s absolutely true. For any guy looking to build a safe, healthy, muscular body, Dr. Kim is a treasure trove of knowledge. I know other guys who risk their health to look great in the gym and that’s just plain insanity. Call Dr. Kim – you can tell her anything, and she’ll figure out how to help you reach your fitness goals safely.

I had seen other doctors before (thank goodness!) finding Dr. Kim; all who had professed great knowledge in hormone replacement. As a medical professional, I understood the meaning of “high leptin”, that Dr. Crawford showed me was a result of being over-treated (too much!) with estrogen, and having a high cortisol unaddressed by previous hormone specialists. I had started putting on weight after menopause and it was made much worse by other doctors, before Dr. Kim came to my rescue. In addition, she is an expert on treating autoimmune disorders and I finally was able to be weaned from my biologic, potentially cancer-causing medication. I highly recommend her expertise and care to everyone.

I’d like to start out with a warning to any woman looking for post-menopausal hormone replacement: some doctors say they are experts, but are not trained in the nuances. Dr. Crawford or Dr. Kim as we all call her is an expert and I mean an expert when it comes to female hormones. She even has what she calls “tricks” but I call “little miracles” to make you not just feel younger but look younger, get the menopause pounds off and more. My energy levels are re-set to what they were when I was in my 20’s and I’m again sleeping soundly. Unlike other doctors, she listens, is so thorough it is unbelievable, and she even sends you a summary of what she is recommending so you aren’t confused. I’m spoiled with her rapid response time and availability. And I’m sure you will be too! 

Lesley Jacobs-Keeler, RDN, LD testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Lesley Jacobs-Keeler, RDN, LD


Like most of Dr. Kim’s patients, I had been to a bunch of other doctors; even Functional doctors. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, but despite treatment for months on end, I still felt just awful, so I contacted Dr. Crawford to get another opinion. In fact, I liked the doctor I was seeing, and simply purchased a telemedicine consultation. 

After spending an hour on the phone with Dr. Crawford it was painfully obvious that her scope of knowledge far exceeded that of the doctor I was seeing. She informed me that CIRS from Lyme disease which wasn’t getting better (if being treated properly) meant that I also had a mold and mycotoxin issue, too. And of course, she was right. What I had was not just a problem at home-but a problem in several properties I was managing; all of them; making me sick! Long story short- my doctor didn’t know any of this and sure didn’t know how to treat either me or give me any advice on how to remediate the properties. That was the final straw-I switched to Dr. Kim and have never looked back. 

After help from her husband (who helped my husband form a plan of attack for the moldy properties-for no extra charge-unreal!), we got the properties under control which then allowed me to heal. After years of being sick, unable to sleep or basically function at all, Dr. Kim gave me my life back. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Much love always.

Staying healthy is a family affair. With a hectic medical practice and kids at home, we both needed help with weight management, healthy eating, stress management, treatment of high cortisol (from too much stress!) and Jaymes hadn’t slept a full night for 10 years before we started seeing Dr. Kim, many far less healthy years ago. She stays so current on everything in her field, that when we try to stump her with something we’ve read, invariably, she has read it and has already incorporated whatever it is into what she is doing for everyone. It’s an unhealthy world out there and we realized we needed help; you probably do too. There is no one better to help you get healthy or just plain stay as healthy as possible than our Dr. Kim. 

Lare Ziemba, D.C. testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Lare Ziemba, D.C.

Functional Chiropractor

I’m a Functional Chiropractor so am all about finding and then treating the root cause of illness. This is why I knew it was important for my wife and myself to find the best Functional Internal Medicine Specialist out there, and we did! Dr. Kim is like family to us, even (for a fee that wasn’t much) driving down to Port St. Lucie to see us both when we cried uncle during a family crisis. It’s hard to put into words what having Dr. Kim as your concierge doctor does for you. Of course, she improves your health, well-being, and sharpens your brain, increases your energy levels and so on. But it’s more than what she does medically. Knowing she is just a quick email or phone call away gives us peace of mind. That might be the greatest gift of all if you have her for your doctor. 

Jeanne Ziemba testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Jeanne Ziemba

Education Administrator

My husband, a Functional Chiropractor insisted that when I went into early menopause, I should talk to Dr. Kim Crawford who he was already seeing with great results. I was told by my Ob-Gyn that she could do hormone replacement therapy, so wasn’t sure I needed a doctor so highly trained. I did my free consult with Dr. Kim, who spent an enormous amount of time with me – more than I had with a paid doctor visit-like-ever! She told me many things that my Ob-Gyn never mentioned and it turned out, didn’t know about. So; that plus my husband’s endorsement made choosing Dr. Kim a bit of a no-brainer. I had the usual symptoms- belly fat, brain fog, insomnia and hot flashes. I even noticed more wrinkles and softer muscles. Within the first few months of treatment, I was my old, I should say YOUNG, self again! Thank you always, Dr. Kim. Please never retire; I don’t know what we’d do!   

Peggy Chase testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Peggy Chase

Healthcare CEO

You’d think that as the CEO of a healthcare delivery company, I’d have no problem finding a great doctor in my own organization. Let me say that we definitely DO have excellent doctors. But then let me explain, as Dr. Crawford explained to me: she received the same basic training that my own Internists received. However, none of the Internists in my organization sought out functional or root cause analysis training; making her cut a lot of slack to who we all call regular doctors when it comes to them just plain missing the boat diagnostically. I’d prefer to keep my medical history private but I WILL say that Dr. Crawford is the medical detective we ALL want on the case for us and our loved ones. She took me through what I needed to go though and I’m out the other side with her monitoring me for life. Thanks, Dr. Kim! 

I’d like to recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who wants to have 100% personal medical care, unlimited and direct access to your doctor (who else even does this?) and the smartest doctor I’ve ever met at your service. Dr. Kim has kept me younger than my years physically, mentally and dare I say sexually for more than a decade. I don’t worry about aging as long as I have Dr. Kim’s advice and care.

I met Dr. Kim when we were both consultants for the largest fitness consulting company in the world. I was there for motivation and on-site weight loss franchises and Dr. Kim was the consultant for medically-based programs. Even before she completed her functional training, I knew she would turn out to be one of the best functional doctors in the world; and she is!

Otherwise, why would I, a weight loss and fitness expert myself, need to have someone help guide me through my own health journey? Several years ago, I found that I needed her medical expertise and indeed, her weight management expertise, too. I had some minor issues that were truly bothering me, and she cleared them up, and has been my personal medical guru for many years now. This includes helping me get educated about esthetics procedures, products, and those fabulous anti-aging skin care peptides she prescribes. l highly recommend Dr. Kim, no matter what your problem is. You’ll never find another doctor who is as accessible and knowledgeable as she is, that’s for sure!

Jeanne Goldberg testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

Jeanne Goldberg

Retired Businesswoman

My experience as an older senior is that doctors tend to treat in their specialty area only and use medications, meaning pharmaceutical drugs. They seldom focus on treatments that are preventative or suggest behaviors that promote whole body healing. Therefore the chance of staying well as you age are slim.

Dr. Kim Crawford, through her many degreed specialties and extensive research, focuses on total wellness, not on a narrow area. That way, your chances of staying healthy longer…even being and feeling youthful is a definite possibility. I’ve followed her medical advice for 20 years and as I start my 9th decade, I’m healthy and athletic. I don’t look too bad, either, I’m told.

Her style of medicine takes interest, time and patience…all healing traits and skills possessed by Dr. Kim. I highly recommend you contact Dr. Kim to discover the benefits of being her patient and after she gets you well, if you’re sick, hang onto her forever!

Dr. Kim is an excellent functional medicine physician who is responsive, sharp, and thorough. She is a true concierge professional who cares for her patients and their ability to heal and be as youthful as possible. I’m grateful that I found her because she got right to the root of my lab tests and prescribed cutting-edge therapy. As a result, I lost weight, feel great, have excellent resources, and now eat the right foods. If you’ve thought about working with a functional practitioner, Dr. Kim is well worth it!

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