Need a menopause specialist in Vero Beach

Are You Suffering From...

  • Weight Gain
  • Sleep Issues
  • Low Energy
  • Hot Flushes
  • Metabolic Issues

If yes, menopause treatment can change your life forever and provides you relief from all the discomfort. Get the benefits of Bioidentical hormones and medications customized for your individual needs.

Menopause Treatment Can Change Your Life

Menopause treatment can indeed reverse all of the above. However, Peri-menopause can start in your 30’s with PMDD, mood swings, or weight gain as prominent symptoms while you’re still having regular periods. Bioidentical hormones might be the answer even if you are as young as 30!

Need hormone replacement therapy for women

Benefits of Female Hormones

If you’re looking to improve your health and longevity, Dr. Crawford most definitely can help you. If you have struggled with your weight or with issues other doctors cannot help you with, or worse, been told that “your symptoms are all in your head”, you are in the right place.

Decreased body fat

Increased lean body mass

Enhanced sex drive

Improved sleep

Improved cognitive (brain) function

Increased energy

Reduced depression and anxiety

Noticeably younger looking skin

Elimination of hot flushes

Elimination of vaginal dryness

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Bioidentical Hormones Can Be Life-Saving

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What Patients Are Saying...

Linda Luft testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Linda Luft

Luxury Property Realtor

I’d like to start out with a warning to any woman looking for post-menopausal hormone replacement: some doctors say they are experts, but are not trained in the nuances. Dr. Crawford or Dr. Kim as we all call her is an expert and I mean an expert when it comes to female hormones. She even has what she calls “tricks” but I call “little miracles” to make you not just feel younger but look younger, get the menopause pounds off and more. My energy levels are re-set to what they were when I was in my 20’s and I’m again sleeping soundly. Unlike other doctors, she listens, is so thorough it is unbelievable, and she even sends you a summary of what she is recommending so you aren’t confused. I’m spoiled with her rapid response time and availability. And I’m sure you will be too! 

Eight months ago without any known symptoms and through a routine screening, I was told that my hormones were out of control and the immediate resolve by all my medical doctors was to tell me to get a total hysterectomy. Although I was 100% prepared to have this surgery, and even wanting such surgery to fix my hormonal issues, my fear of the recovery period, prompted me to seek other options. A close friend of mine, also a patient of Dr. Kim, told me to simply speak to her to discuss my options. Within minutes of talking with Dr. Kim, I was at ease, knowing that surgery was not my only option, and that someone would be holding my hand through this process of figuring things out.

Now, 8 months later, with help and support of Dr. Kim and her extensive knowledge of bio identicals, peptides, and alternatives to surgery, I am now almost back to typical hormone levels, and feel better than I ever have. Not only has Dr. Kim helped me physiologically with my hormones, preventing me from having to do a very invasive and challenging surgery, but through her support, I also realized that what I thought was normal prior to seeing her was probably a function of my not knowing any differently. Most importantly, Dr. Kim offered me a choice to do something different, an alternative path, a path that made these last 8 months very different than it would have been had I had the hysterectomy. This opportunity to try something different other than surgery was absolutely the right decision for me and for my body and I encourage everyone to look very closely at all of their options.

Kathleen Rich-New testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Kathleen Rich-New

Clarity Works Consulting

Dr. Kim seems to be able to fix just about anything. She is great with the issues that we women all eventually face regarding hormones, energy, sleep, and menopausal weight gain. If you “go through life” without a doctor like her, you just live, rather than thrive. Worst of all, you might develop a disease she could have prevented. I’m thrilled with my care over the years and let’s just say “so far, so good!”

Jeanne Ziemba testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Jeanne Ziemba

Education Administrator

My husband, a Functional Chiropractor insisted that when I went into early menopause, I should talk to Dr. Kim Crawford who he was already seeing with great results. I was told by my Ob-Gyn that she could do hormone replacement therapy, so wasn’t sure I needed a doctor so highly trained. I did my free consult with Dr. Kim, who spent an enormous amount of time with me – more than I had with a paid doctor visit-like-ever! She told me many things that my Ob-Gyn never mentioned and it turned out, didn’t know about. So; that plus my husband’s endorsement made choosing Dr. Kim a bit of a no-brainer. I had the usual symptoms- belly fat, brain fog, insomnia and hot flashes. I even noticed more wrinkles and softer muscles. Within the first few months of treatment, I was my old, I should say YOUNG, self again! Thank you always, Dr. Kim. Please never retire; I don’t know what we’d do!   

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers, learn more about female hormones below.
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Hormones are molecules produced by the endocrine system that send messages to various parts of the body. They help regulate your body’s processes, like hunger, blood pressure, and sexual desire. While hormones are essential to reproduction, they are fundamental to all the systems of your body.

The term “hormone replacement therapy” or HRT, refers to the hormones estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone (and more) that are taken regularly to stabilize and increase/adjust a menopausal woman’s hormone levels. It’s good to know all the options that are available, from pills to troches, creams, and vaginal "inserts."

The advantages of this hormone replacement therapy:

  • Reduce hot flashes and vaginal dryness
  • Improved brain function and clarity
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced anxiety and irritability
  • Improved bone and heart health
  • Lower risk of colon cancer and macular degeneration

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