Are you ill? Do you want to remain healthy for life?

"With my help, we'll make time for your good health now so you won't have to make time for illness and pain later."

- Kim Crawford, M.D., A.B.A.A.R.M.

Why Do We Get Diseases And Age?

  • Our hormones decline
  • Our brain-power declines
  • We develop unhealthy microbiomes
  • Our detoxification pathways become overwhelmed

How Can A Functional Medicine Doctor Help You?

As we age, some good genes stop working while other bad genes express themselves. When we repair hormonal and nutritional imbalances, adjust genetic expressions with integratives, and improve detox systems, we can maintain and/or restore good health. This is the foundation of integrative medicine.

Kim Crawford M.D. Integrative Medicine Specialist Melbourne Florida Kim Crawford as seen on

I can restore youthful energy, normalize your sleep patterns, restore the health of your gut and sharpen your brain. I use only bioidentical hormone replacement including (per FDA guidelines); human growth hormone. I can prevent, improve, "manage", or cure most diseases, slow aging, and you'll feel 30 again!

From Dr. Kim Crawford's Patients...

Bette (Ann) Peterson, M.D.

Family Physician (Retired)

I started working with Dr. Kim in late April. After a year and a half of languishing with pain and profound fatigue and TERRIBLE side effects from treatment, including Melanoma!, she discovered that I not only had RA but also active autoimmune thyroid disease (which I thought was "under control" but wasn't) and significant adrenal dysfunction.

In one short month of following her treatment plan, my RA is under very good control with no immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals! Just following her diet and natural therapies! I feel the best I have felt in forever! Not only is my pain under excellent control, my energy level has soared, I'm losing weight, and sleeping the best I have in years. I highly recommend her treatments!

Dr. Kim Crawford was one of the first doctors in America to see the value of health reporting on television news. As the evening anchor for WTVX, Ft.Pierce and morning anchor for WPTV, West Palm Beach, I worked alongside Dr. Kim for years. I realized early on that she was a pioneer in getting preventive medical advice to the masses. She still is.

Unfortunately, I called her after I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2019. But, it’s a good thing I did. Her advice got me through radiation treatment with as few side effects as possible due to her alternative cancer treatment regimen. It was inevitable that after radiation, I was completely wiped out. Dr. Kim acted quickly ordering crucial blood tests and stepping in to fix health issues that other doctors simply ignored or missed.

Her encouragement to eat an auto immune diet along with exercise and a specific supplement protocol, got me through radiation recovery. This brilliant and caring doctor has transformed me into a happier , healthier person who is looking forward to many more years on this planet.

As a busy Facial Plastic Surgeon, I find that I need to be in super health and have lots of energy in order to to take great care of my patients. Dr. Kim closely monitors my health and laboratory values to maintain my peak performance under 100% control with integratives and BHRT. No prescription medications are needed whatsoever to maintain my health.

She is readily available at a moment’s notice and that's one of the many benefits of committing to a Concierge Physician. No waiting for answers to my questions 24/7. She keeps up with the latest medical developments for optimal health, and will ask me to "tweak" my diet, integratives and exercise plan, when needed. I feel like I'm still 30; no kidding.

What's New In Functional Medicine

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Treatment of Mycotoxins and Mold Toxicity

Most doctors are not familiar with the common symptoms of mold exposure; headaches, night sweats, sleep disturbances and memory issues. Dr. Crawford is one of the top U.S. doctors who specialize in mold illness treatment; not just you, but your home, your spouse and even your dog!


Used for: Gut repair, rapid wound healing, cognitive and mood enhancement, libido enhancement, pain management and much more!

Exosomes (Stem Cell Nanopods)

Used for: Cellular age reversal, arthritis relief, skin rejuvenation, tissue repair from COVID-19 infection, cognitive enhancement and much more!