Functional Medicine Therapy

You are probably reading Dr. Crawford’s website information because you are not satisfied with how healthcare is delivered, and you are not too thrilled with the concept of synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. We obviously agree. Some people think a Functional doctor is “all about supplements.” That is far from the truth if you have a well-trained doctor. Here is a sampling of the meds Dr. Crawford uses, aside from bioidentical hormones.

Peptides for the brain


The bioidentical proteins called peptides cause zero side effects and are a mainstay in Functional medicine. Depending on the condition(s) being treated, they are dispensed as capsules, topicals, troches (lozenges), intra-nasal sprays or tiny sub-Q belly injections.

KPV for inflammatory bowel disease, BPC-157 for injury healing, Semax for depression, Dihexa for cognitive issues, and NAD nasal spray for energy.


A liposomal liquid pump bottle delivers medications put under the tongue directly into the bloodstream. It eliminates the need for costly, painful, and inconvenient IV drip solutions.

Vitamin C is used for detoxification, skin health and even cancer therapy. NAD and glutathione are used for energy. Antioxidant vitamins, vitamin D, and melatonin can all be given liposomally. Finally, liposomal GABA is used for sleep initiation and anxiety instead of addictive benzodiazepines which can be gradually weaned.

Peptides Florida
Peptides Vero Beach


Pharmaceutical companies take naturally occurring substances, alter them chemically and then patent and monetize them.

Dr. Crawford prefers to use the natural derivatives of drugs, as you might predict. A great example of this is the use of 5HTP to elevate serotonin levels instead of using a SSRI drug for mood (e.g Prozac or Paxil). Another example is the use of pure GABA rather than gabapentin (Lyrica).

Natural Pain Relief

Dr. Crawford utilizes methods which allow your body to produce more of it’s own natural pain killers: endorphins, enkephalins, and endogenous cannabinoids.

The peptides Semax and DSIP, low-dose naltrexone, and whole hemp CBD1-receptor gold variety can be used individually or in combination. It is often helpful to naturally elevate brain chemicals which will elevate the mood and eliminate anxiety, as these issues heighten the perception of pain.

Peptides for ulcerative colitis
Peptides for autoimmune disease

Other Therapies

Ozone therapy is very effective for patients with Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections. IV and Intra-nasal exosomes (stem cell nano-pods) are used for many conditions: most notably for neurodegenerative issues and even aging, in general. Combination therapies with peptides and liposomals are very effective to treat insomnia and energy issues.

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