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Help ulcerative colitis with VNS

Quell Inflammation with Truvaga VNS

Vagal nerve stimulation can now be accomplished in two, 2-minute easy-to-do daily sessions. This is equivalent to two hours of meditation, deep breathing, and more. Not only is this a quick way to lower inflammation and reduce pain, it also rapidly reduces the feelings of anxiety, helps insomnia, and much more.

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Dr. Kim's Favorite Sleep Products

Dr. Kim's Favorite Sleep Products

We know that CBD works for sleep if it is whole-hemp-derived, and combined with a small (Farm Bill compliant) amount of THC. We also know that the form of CBD called CBN specifically targets sleep and is quite effective, even when other remedies have failed. This company has great products, all 3rd party tested for contaminants, unlike many CBD companies. Please have a great night's sleep, using Dr. Kim's patient discount code: DRKIM20 at this website.

Dr. Kim's Favorite Supplements

  • Everyone needs Vitamin D and a good probiotic
  • Best liver cleanse: Hepatatone
  • Low progesterone? Try 5-HTP, pregnenolone and Liposomal Neurocalm
  • Mitochondria (energy) issues? Many supplements which help can be found in the linked article and purchased at the link below.
  • ADHD? Wean (slowly) off of stimulants with L-tyrosine

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Beyond Guardian Air Purifier

The Benefits of ActivePure® Technology

Download information on this space station air purifier unit

For more information and a $500-off discount code on this NASA technology, please email Dr. Kim.

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Dr. Crawford's favorite skincare

Dr. Kim's Favorite Skincare Products

Unlike most beauty products: Moor Spa products are free of synthetic preservatives, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and petroleum-derived chemicals, such as propylene glycol, PEG,or mineral oil. Every product has a 100% Natural Source guarantee.

The BEST Microbiome Health Kit

The BEST Microbiome Health Kit

Most microbiome analysis kits are pretty darned worthless because they are not actionable. This is the first of it's kind: the very best microbiome testing kit on the market, where you, the consumer, are in charge!

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The BEST Redlight Hair Growth System

The BEST Redlight Hair Growth System

Who doesn't want thicker, longer hair? Now, fuller hair is yours for just 30 minutes every other day of redlight cap wear: easy-peasy!

Please feel free to use my patient discount code DRKIM15 when you want to grow your hair up to 37% thicker.

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