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How to lose fat and gain muscle the quickest

How to lose fat and gain muscle “fast” People seek “near-magical diet and exercise routines,” which promise regimens with no effort, no hunger, and no muscle soreness. I can tell… Read More »

State-of-the-art Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Introduction to Ulcerative Colitis The principal causes of Ulcerative colitis are complex, with a weakened epithelial (“gut”) barrier function-AKA “leaky gut” being the hallmark of this and other autoimmune diseases.… Read More »

Why you can’t lose weight: Leptin Resistance

Introduction to Leptin and Leptin resistance-NOTE: we now have Semaglutide and Tirzepatide! Leptin and its receptors are essential regulators of body weight and energy homeostasis. Multiple studies show that decreasing… Read More »

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