how to look younger functional esthetics

Are you looking older than you'd like?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Sagging eyes, jaw, neck?
  • Thinning, less luminous skin appearance?
  • Pigmentation ("age spots")?
  • Enlarged pores?

If aging skin is making you look and feel older, anti-aging cream won't get the job done. Welcome to Functional Esthetics - how to look younger from the inside-out.

Look younger (often up to 10-20 years younger!) while getting healthier!

Functional esthetics treatment with elastin and collagen building peptides, anti-aging supplements, along with Dr. Crawford's expert advice regarding procedures and anti-aging skin care is life changing. When you look younger, you feel younger, too!

Look younger while getting healthier

How to Look Younger with Functional Esthetics: Benefits

Doesn't it make sense that the health and youthful appearance of your skin starts “on the inside?” Of course it does!

Decreased fine lines & wrinkles

Firmer skin

More even skin tone

Decreased overall inflammation = weight loss

More energy

Less or no plastic surgery needed

Less sagging skin

Plumped and glowing skin


Whether you are 30 or 90, you can literally appear younger, with improved skin appearance within a month, using Dr. Crawford's exclusive functional esthetics plan tailor-made for you and your needs.

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What Patients Are Saying...

Dr. Kim is a preeminent figure in the field of antiaging. Board certified in Internal Medicine as well as by A4M. she has truly redefined current antiaging, regenerative and functional medicine. I have benefited immensely by being Dr. Kim’s patient and long-time friend from our days at U of Penn.

From energy to detox to pain to anti-aging skin care, Dr. Kim has the latest answers. Most of her patients don’t know initially what a “skin expert” she is, but I’m sure I look 15 years younger than my driver’s license says I am. Her weight loss program is second to none. I have given up ridiculous diet programs and have followed her and, YES, I have lost weight. She is a pro and CARES about her patients. Dr. Kim is a rare find.

Shawn Tomasello testimonial review for Dr. Kim Crawford M.D.

– Shawn Tomasello

Biotech Executive, Consultant

I met Dr. Kim on an airplane, of all places. We exchanged cards, after having a lovely hours-long conversation and I contacted her a couple of years later when I felt that I really needed her. She certainly didn’t disappoint. Despite my high level position in the medical world, the “regular doctors” I routinely saw just plain didn’t have her expertise. As she always says “it’s not their fault – they just weren’t given the extra training I sought out.” We talked a lot initially about how to keep looking young as we age, or else I wouldn’t have thought to get all the anti-aging skin advice, peptides and so on with a doctor of her caliber.

Anyway, fast forward to COVID times, and she kept both me and my husband safe with her prophylactic regimen, until—months into it all—we were exposed with our guard down. This was before there were advanced therapies available; so you can imagine how nervous we were when we got sick. However, thanks to Dr. Kim, we both sailed through our respective illnesses. Life is a lot better with Dr. Kim in your court, that’s for sure!

I met Dr. Kim when we were both consultants for the largest fitness consulting company in the world. I was there for motivation and on-site weight loss franchises and Dr. Kim was the consultant for medically-based programs. Even before she completed her functional training, I knew she would turn out to be one of the best functional doctors in the world; and she is!

Otherwise, why would I, a weight loss and fitness expert myself, need to have someone help guide me through my own health journey? Several years ago, I found that I needed her medical expertise and indeed, her weight management expertise, too. I had some minor issues that were truly bothering me, and she cleared them up, and has been my personal medical guru for many years now. This includes helping me get educated about esthetics procedures, products, and those fabulous anti-aging skin care peptides she prescribes. l highly recommend Dr. Kim, no matter what your problem is. You’ll never find another doctor who is as accessible and knowledgeable as she is, that’s for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers, learn more about functional esthetics below.
Don't see your question? Ask Dr. Kim Crawford!

Depending on what you and Dr. Crawford both perceive to be your issues, oftentimes the improvement you experience with Functional Esthetics will indeed be enough to allow you to hold off any having any invasive surgery.

In fact, of the several compounded bioidentical peptides Dr. Crawford uses for her Functional Esthetics patients, GHK-Cu (as a troche and a highly concentrated topical preparation) targets all three! She feels that this is a must-have for everyone looking for a youthful appearance, including her regular patients who all benefit from her esthetics advice.

If you have a good deal of sagging skin, this may be the way to go for you; in which case, Dr. Crawford's postoperative regimen for Plastic Surgery will cut your recovery time in half.

You can apply for a consultation via the regular patient contact form and if you are accepted as a full-time regular patient you will receive a 10% discount from the annual concierge fee.

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