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COVID-19 Functional Treatment and Prophylaxis

COVID-19 Functional Treatment As I write this article, it’s early March, 2021. My original, complete and very long article was published on April 13, 2020. It’s a masterpiece of information… Read More »

18 Symptoms of Low Progesterone

Symptoms of low progesterone You may have “heard” that premenstrual syndrome; PMS, or even the worse premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is due to low progesterone. You might have read that… Read More »

Get Rid of Menopause Belly Fat

My Flat Belly has become My Menopausal Muffin Top. Help! You’re a woman in her late 40s. You’ve spent your life watching what you eat, and you exercise regularly. You… Read More »

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