Male Hormones

Adjusting Hormones Properly can be Life Saving

At around age 30, the level of our hormones start to decline.

The hormones which decline most noticeably are:

Testosterone Human Growth Hormone DHEA

With male hormone treatment, we measure and then precisely replace these hormones to youthful levels with the following results:

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Increased lean body mass

Decreased body fat

Improved sexual performance & libido

Increased energy & sense of well being

Improved memory & concentration

Improvement in sleep

Fewer wrinkles - you'll look younger

Male Andropause Treatment

As men age, they lose precious hormones which help maintain total vitality. This is called male andropause, and men experience this at differing ages and degrees; just like women. Replacing declining hormones not only restores youth and vigor - it confers medical benefits such as:

Using testosterone from Vero Kim

Decreased incidence of heart disease

Decreased risk of prostate cancer

Decreased risk of Alzheimer's

Reversal of metabolic syndrome

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